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-million dollar grant to modernize journalism education in afghanistan. update's lexy nuno reports. ">>>it is only their second time to the united states...and these afghan professors are enjoying the simple things in life. nat sound: "white mocha" simple things like drinking coffee...taking pictures... walking around san jose state's campus...and learning about modern journalism. they say it's a different picture than back home where journalists fear for their lives. ahamd zia ferozpur, a journalism lecturer at balkh university, says he's suprised at all the possibilites for students. (ahmad zia ferozpur/journalism lecturer at balkh university): "there are a lot of opportunities for students. they practice their journalism skills and they have radio, television, newspapers, and they have websites." the editor in chief of an afghan magazine says students in afghanistan face extreme lack of materials, like computers or even books. one of the other challenges is for afghan women--who sit on a different side of the room as men--wanting to go into journalism proffessions. in afghan society men and wom
education coordinator dr. diana hollinger explains how the unit cap will put many students in jeopardy. "it reeked havoc on us as a major. for music because our degrees most all of them are one hundred and thirty two units instead of one hundred and twenty. which means to graduate in four years you have to take sixteen to seventeen units a semester." students are wondering how they will be able to graduate in a timely fashion since they need other classes outside of their major. mikaela suhumaker says she may wind up missing out on classes that she loves. "you cant sign up for all of your ensembles because your first priority are your courses because you get your letter grade to graduate." the unit cap was put in to effect after the high enrollment of students in fall of 2012. students and faculty hope that this cap is only a temporary solution to the problem and that unit enrollment will go back to normal by fall of 2013." sjsu students for quality education are urging students who are upset with this decison to write an open letter to provost ellen junn. san jose state university has laun
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2